TPV: El corazón de las ventas minoristas modernas

tpv para minoristas

En el mundo dinámico del comercio minorista actual, los Terminales de Punto de Venta (TPV) han dejado atrás la era de las simples cajas registradoras para convertirse en sistemas sofisticados que impulsan las ventas, la gestión de inventario y la fidelización de clientes. Para las empresas minoristas, adoptar un sistema TPV adecuado es esencial para […]

JASSWAY recibe una cálida acogida por los últimos sistemas POS en EuroCIS 2024

EuroCIS 2024

JASSWAY, un actor global en el proveedor de hardware de sistemas POS, mostró su línea de vanguardia de máquinas POS en la exposición EUROCIS2024 recientemente concluida, obteniendo una amplia aclamación de visitantes y expertos de la industria. La exposición, que se celebra anualmente en Dusseldorf, Alemania, reúne a una amplia gama de empresas que muestran […]

Shops of Pomelo

Current Situation Launched in 2013, Pomelo is a modern fashion brand born in Asia with a global mindset: on-trend, online, on-the-go. With an undisputable sense of style at an unparalleled price, Pomelo aims to offer women everywhere their best look to become their best selves. Launched in 2013, Pomelo is a modern fashion brand born […]

Holiday Notice: Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 2023

Dear Customers, We hope this message finds you well. We would like to inform you that our company will be observing the upcoming holidays in China, the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. During this time, our office will be closed, and there will be no business operations on the following dates: 29th September 2023(Friday)to 6th […]

Jassway Artemis, Modern. Modular. Made for Retail.

The ARTEMIS iFlex is a compact POS terminal designed to fit into wide variety of store environment. Its unique yet practical design is a perfect combination of form and function. The brand new model brings vitality to the market. It equipped with multiple functions, which provide powerful performance for users. Jassway is committed to develop […]

Self-checkouts: The next big thing?

In the digital age, retailers are continuously exploring new ways to enhance the shopping experience and meet the changing demands of customers. Self-service checkouts (SCOs) have emerged as an innovative technology that offers several benefits for both retailers and customers. SCOs have revolutionized the traditional checkout process by providing a convenient and efficient alternative. Customers […]


Current Situation Challenges The famous American style restaurant is known for the creative cuisine; also they want to deliver the best customer experience, including the fine food & professional service to their valued customer. As a modern hospitality, the famous American style restaurant keeps pace with the times. They understand that hospitality environments provide a […]

Catering & Food

Current Situation Challenges Touch screen POS machines are very popular at high-grade and distinctive catering places and play an important role. Using of touch screen POS machine caters the fashion trends of personalized consumption, and it reflects well modern concept of consumption and is widely loved by people. The perfect combination of touch screen POS […]

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