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The famous American style restaurant is known for the creative cuisine; also they want to deliver the best customer experience, including the fine food & professional service to their valued customer. As a modern hospitality, the famous American style restaurant keeps pace with the times. They understand that hospitality environments provide a unique set of challenges for every piece of the process & equipment; so, they searched for a tablet solution as an order machine to decrease the waiting time, and make sure every order is done on time.

The owner searched for an elegant POS terminal with the performance and reliability to support the demands of their catering software. He said our shops have a very modern, sleek look and want the POS equipment to match that style.


1. Outsourcing management
2. Financial management.
3. Physical inventory management.

4. wholesale management

All-in-one touch POS machine — JAW-RH669 series

POS Peripherals Support

• Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)
• Printer
• Customer Display (CDP)
• Dual Customer Display
• Cash Drawer
• Kitchen Display

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Improvement & Results

1. Integrating purchasing, wholesale, inventory, accounts payable, retail, finance and improving work efficiency
2. Customizing reporting style output and making the inquiry convenient, fast and clear.
3. Timely grasp the inventory data and improving assurance level of inventory.
4. Financial management,prepayment management、cash management.
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